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MINIMAL is a Chicago-based studio creating iconic, disruptive, brand-building products and experiences that connect emotionally with users. We are a collective of top cross-disciplinary design risk-takers and doers infused with entrepreneurial drive.

Disrupting the norm, creating meaningful change and delighting the user are our passions. This is embedded in our DNA and our unique hybrid business model that combines consulting with global brands, venture partnerships and our own self-incubated in-house brands. From brand-defining icons and game-changing new product eco-systems for companies like Xbox, Microsoft, Google, Dell, Coalesse and Apple, to exploring uncharted territory on riskier ventures with start-ups and entrepreneurs, our award-winning work spans a diverse range of industries from technology, medical and consumer products to lifestyle, furniture and environments.

As a pioneer and amplifier of the crowd-funding movement, MINIMAL is vested in the evolution of this emerging paradigm through ambitious projects and partnerships. MINIMAL is led by Smithsonian National Design Award winner and former Nike Global Creative Director Scott Wilson.

Garry Alderman, Founder of Method Bicycle: I was educated as an architect and a craftsman, and have always been making things, and continually in pursuit of dedicating my life to a craft that could give me the right outlet. I have found the bicycle is perfect for combining the designed object and the act of making, with a unique emotional connection to the world around us like nothing else. There is something elegant about the simplicity of the machine that is a bicycle, yet there seems to be a lifetime of work in it, which is what really excites me.

I am not interested in sitting behind a desk. Instead, my fulfillment comes from holding a torch or a file in hand and running a one-person shop. I plan to keep it that way for some time, as I feel it allows me to have a greater connection to what I’m doing. Things take more time that way, but for me it’s about doing things with intent, quality and pride. I am not concerned with how many frames come out of my shop; rather it’s about intensely focusing on everything I do – my job is never finished. Each frame is built one at a time, with a unique combination of material, process and experience in each build.

Framebuilding is anything but easy, but the rewards I get from this craft are unlike anything else. From designing each build with the client, laying out the frame drawing and machining the tubes, to laying a precise braze and polishing a frame before paint, it gives me a personal satisfaction at the end of each day when I can turn off the lights and say to myself, “I am proud of what I do.”




Fellow Kickstarter alumnus, Helios, worked in cooperation with MINIMAL to customize a new handlebar, build new electronics, and give our cockpit some serious tech. The bike may turn heads, but their tech keeps riders visible and safe on every journey.


MINIMAL worked with SRAM to customize their internal 3-gear hub that was developed for the World Bicycle Relief program. In addition to the hub, SRAM also provided hydraulic disk brakes, brake levers, and the crank for our bike. Thanks to SRAM for keeping it local in the CHI.


MINIMAL turned to the technical expertise of the soft goods designers at Terradzign for advice on how to build killer panniers.  They knocked it our of the park. We couldn't have realized our design without their help.  

PCD Productions

Filmmaker, consultant, friend, and all around smart guy Paul Detjen was central to the success of our video. Thanks Paul for helping us tell our story and for all your hard work.  We are in your debt.

Model Solution

Model Solution helped bring the multi-configurable rack system to life with a few expertly machined parts. We couldn't ask for a better partner for prototypes that are as fast as they are accurate. 

Joseph Bartolucci

Joe may live in Portland, but his Chicago roots run deep. Joe nailed the script for our video, and gave us the inspiration we needed to bring the BLACKLINE to life.   

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